freshportsを眺めていたら、Nagios 2.0b5が出てた。

2.0b5 - 11/14/2005

  • Typo fix in availability CGI
  • Minor changes to sample config files
  • Fixed order of include files in config.h for clean compile on OpenBSD 3.6
  • Minor fixes in availability and trends CGIs for assumed states during program downtime
  • Fixed bug with initial scheduling of active service checks in configs with a large number of passive-only checks
  • Fixed bugs with scheduling active host and service checks when active checks were disabled globally
  • Host name search in web interface is now case-insensitive
  • Fixed bug in times reported by nagiostats utility
  • Nagios now drops privileges before reading config files for config verification and scheduling info tests
  • Fixed bug where non-config files would occassionally be processed with config directory recursion
  • Improvements to init script when stopping Nagios
  • Minor changes to improve host and service freshness checking
  • Fixed bug with event handlers and logging during soft host recoveries
  • Added check for duplicate object names that could adversely affect template resolution
  • Updated mini EPN (embedded Perl) test modules
  • A few other misc minor fixes